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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

***LA NAUSÉE exclusive EP premiere***

'Empty-full space' EP
exclusive premiere
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Boasting two members whose bands are/were amazing, including Commuovere, Lonely AnimalsThisismenotthinkingofyou, Moss Rose, Kodos, etc., Gabriel and Shaun teamed up via the internet and recorded three twinkly, jazzy and righteous screamo jams in less than as many minutes. Gabriel runs Le Blast Records in Canada while Shaun runs Adorno Records in the U.K. so both labels will be releasing some tapes in the very near future. You'll be able to order from the Le Blast Facebook page (by messaging them) or from the Adorno Records Bandcamp site.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "Spacing Dots" (from 'Empty-full space')
The opening track is my favourite, as in just 1:14 the following happens: dual screaming and a few different dreamy sections, sweet stop/starts with jazzy drums and very noodley Off Minor-esque guitarwork. Yeah...that's a lot of awesome. Unbelievably good.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "...Of Loneliness" (from 'Empty-full space')
The midde track is more of an ambient/audio clip that is eerie as shit, especially when you get the end, and the depressing subject matter will sink you a few inches for sure.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "On Memory" (from 'Empty-full space')
The final song is very short at only 32 seconds in length, but it manages to roll through three mini-movements in that time, mostly on the more atmospheric and layered screamo instead of the mathy-ass noodles.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

***GOOD TIMES exclusive song premiere***

exclusive song premiere
For fans ofLeerSuis La Lune and Terry Green
Label Blurb:
"San Francisco’s own two piece project, Good Times, is a breath of fresh air without straying away from the traditional take of screamo. “Reticent” is just another example of their polished twinkly sound, harsh vocals, clean guitar and punishing breaks. Lyrically reminiscent of other screamo songs about taking control of ones life all in a driving punch, this song is a great sample of exactly who Good Times are. This song isn’t just a stamp of who they are but what’s to come."

Kenny from San Francisco's GOOD TIMES sent me this to premiere, and although I was initially hesitant, I've quickly become quite hooked on this mildy twinkly screamo song that is definitely worth your attention. "Reticent" runs 3:11 and begins with guitars and ambiance that I'd expect from an indie band's intro but it fades after 25 seconds and gives way to the much more obvious, grooving and playful collective voice of the band. By the one-minute mark those twinkly guitars come in and when coupled with the frantic drums and shredding screams, it evens it all out quite nicely and reminds me of Swedish screamo, for sure.

The tape and 7" should be available February 1st, 2018 if all goes according to plan via Old Press Records and Damn Fine Tapes, whose info is all linked above.

(2018) GOOD TIMES - "Reticent" (from '4-way' split)

Sunday, 14 January 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsEyes Of Verotika, Back When, Spirit Of Versailles and Caught In The Fall.
CountryOmaha, Nebraska U.S.A.
Years Active2001-2004
Song: "Us (team awesome) vs. The Spanish Armada"
Album: "Tour cd"
Year: 2004
For fans ofFuneral Diner, Spirit Of Versailles, Staircase, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, Caught In The Fall, Birthday Boyz, Eyes Of Verotika, D'Amore, Dawntreader, Closure, ...Who Calls So Loud, Snag, Storm The Bastille, Sans Visage, Matsuri, Pyramids, Youth Novel and Saetia aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the December 2017 Mix. This is track #7.
You can download: the January 2018 Mix#1 right here or get the new January 2018 Mix#2 here.

Upon doing my research for this post I found that there is now another band called Robot Don't Cry from Kiev. I have no idea what they sound like and this post will not be about them.

My first experience in Omaha, Nebraska was playing a New Year's Eve show there in 1998 (playing as midnight struck into 1999). We were surrounded by some of the most enthusiastic people who just seemed to love music.

Fast forward a few years later and I see a band from Omaha called ROBOTS DON'T CRY play in a basement in Connecticut. I recounted my story of playing Omaha on New Year's Eve and the drummer informed that they were that group of enthusiastic kids. It all comes full circle.

From what I can tell ROBOTS DON'T CRY existed in the years between 2001 and 2004. They played an introspective style of screamy music that was marked by longer/epic-like instrumental sections, wonderful melodies and some subtly experimental guitar work.

There are times when listening to the band that I can almost feel like I'm listening to a Mid-Western version of Funeral Diner. The music is drenched in melody with few sharp edges. Even the contrasting chaotic interludes the band throws in seem to retain an introspective roundness to them that keep the composition as a whole sounding consistent. You can hear this about a minute into "Blinfolded Circumcision". Listen to the beautiful, yet Sonic Youth inspired noise-ridden interlude on "Meehan Aloha, Fatass" which erupts into a Dinosaur Jr. inspired guitar solo. No other band has pulled off these aspects of 90's grunge so seamlessly into the 90's screamo genre:

Speaking of 90's you can almost hear an ode to The Cranberries song "Zombie" on the their Tour 2004 release song "Don't Fuck With The Magical Lamgorghini Circus". (go to about 11 minutes in for the specific part)

ROBOTS DON'T CRY is seldom mentioned in conversations about the genre; it seems almost criminal that this band goes under the radar of most folks. Members went on to play in other bands like Caught In The Fall and Back When, both bands equally interesting and ambitious.


Click )==>here<==( to download most of the band's discography in mp3 form.

??? - miscellaneous comp song (contributed "Breakdown-Party 2000")

2003 - ...And Humans Don't Rust cdEP

2004 - Tour cdrEP
2004 - Summer Tour (split w/Shadows And The Silence) 7"EP


(200?) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Breakdown-party 2000" (from '?unknown?')

(2004) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Meehan; Aloha, Fatass" (from 'Tour cdr')

(2004) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Us (team awesome) vs. The Spanish Armada" (from 'Tour cdr')

(2003) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Easter Egg Hunt in a Minefield" (from '...And Humans Don't Rust')

(2003) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Mormons are Breaded Fish" (from '...And Humans Don't Rust')

(2003) ROBOTS DON'T CRY - "Blindfolded Circumcision" (from '...And Humans Don't Rust')


ROBOTS DON'T CRY out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)